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Welcome to True Blue Leak Detection’s Blog, Swimming Pool Leak Tips and Tricks.

We know swimming pools can be a headache. We want to help you understand the troublesome issue of swimming pool leaks. In helping you with your leak, not only can we all rest easier, it makes finding leaks easier. You can also save money in the long run by understanding how to troubleshoot a leak.

Plus, who doesn’t want to DIY their own pool leak?

pool losing water

Losing Water In Pool?

Don’t Freak Out… Yet. You’ve noticed that your pool is losing more water than you are used to. This can be because of several things, so don’t freak out quite yet. If your pool is losing water, here are some things to check before calling a leak detection specialist (us!): Evaporation Due to the water […]

Pool Leak Detection Companies Near Me

Pool Leak Detection Companies Near Me

Obviously, we here at True Blue Leak Detection pride ourselves in our work. And we believe with 100% assurance that we are the best pool leak detection company for you. However, we know that sometimes you need to go with another company. Usually, that happens when we are booked out a little too far and […]

Dallas Swimming Pool Leak Detection Equipment

Dallas Swimming Pool Leak Detection

Pool Leak Detection Dallas swimming pool leak detection is a big industry. Why is that? Well, according to bizjournals.com, back in 2015 Dallas had 220,000 swimming pools. And surely that number has climbed drastically since then. But most importantly, in much of texas, including Dallas and Fort Worth, we have something called expandable soils. “The […]