Losing Water In Pool?

pool losing water

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Don’t Freak Out… Yet.

You’ve noticed that your pool is losing more water than you are used to. This can be because of several things, so don’t freak out quite yet.

If your pool is losing water, here are some things to check before calling a leak detection specialist (us!):


Due to the water cycle, pools lose water daily- it’s natural and happens simply because it exists.  Evaporation varies from city to city and, quite possibly, from house to house.  There are two ways that we recommend testing water loss to determine if it is from evaporation.

We will ask you if you have done either of these upon a call to our office and request that at least one is done before a technician is sent to your location.

Pool water loss water due to a leak

Once you’ve found that your pool is losing more water than can be attributed to evaporation, you will next need to find out when it is leaking. 

  • Does your pool leak when the equipment is running?
    • Check your backwash for a leak:
    • Here is a simple video that shows how to check for a leaky valve from your backwash :
  • Check Water Features
    • If the backwash valve isn’t leaking please take a moment to check your water features.  Here is a great article about checking water features:
  • 2.  Does your pool leak when the equipment is on and when it is off?
    • Overfilling Pool – It pains us to charge homeowners for a full leak detection when the answer may simply be to stop filling the pool past the overflow grate.
    • Think of it just like the overflow on a bathtub.
    • “Where is the overflow grate?” you ask.  Here’s a picture of one: 
Pool overflow grate
pool overflow
  • Filling the pool up to the coping stones
    • Some pools don’t have overflow grates, so many owners think they should fill the pool up to the very top.
    • This often leads to a lot of water loss.
    • That water loss comes from the top of the skimmer box or mortar that isn’t sealed up properly anymore.

I know this part may seem silly, but trust us… we see people overfilling their pools more often than we like to admit.

Still losing water in your pool?

After checking all these things in your pool, and you’re still experiencing pool water loss, it’s time to call a leak detection specialist.

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