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How to Detect Pool Leaks with a Bucket Test

Check out our video on the three different methods of doing a bucket test for pool and spa. This video will show you how to detect pool leaks using a bucket test.

Swimming Pool Bucket Test Video instructions

Pool Bucket Test

I know if you see a puddle of water in your backyard, the first thing you’ll want to do is call a pool leak detection company. But, not so fast! That puddle can be coming from anywhere. Before you spend hundreds of dollars on a leak detection test, be sure that your pool has a leak.

By doing this test, you can determine if your pool water loss is due to pool evaporation.

Many pool owners think that if they lose 1/8th to 1/4 inches a day, they must have a leak. But water loss that high happens in texas, even in the winter.

Having an accurate idea of how much water your pool might be losing due to a pool leak is very helpful to many leak detection experts.

Benefits of doing this test

  1. You can know if your pool is actually losing water
  2. If a leak detection company tells you that you don’t have a leak, this is proof
  3. If you were told by a plumber that your pool is leaking but you feel like it isn’t, this is proof as well
  4. You will have peace of mind knowing what is going on with your pool.

You’ll be glad you did a bucket test pool leak test. Evaporation levels can vary greatly between Plano, Fort Worth, Dallas, and all of Texas. So doing this bucket test, no matter where you are, will help. And the evaporation level just might surprise you!

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