Is my leak in the pool or spa?

Is my leak in the pool or spa?

Why should you do this test? If you narrow down the leak to the spa, then here at True Blue, we will charge you less just to check your spa. Simply doing this test may save you some money.

Follow these easy steps to determine if your leak is in your pool or spa

Total Time: 2 days

Turn the spa completely off

Turn the spa completely off at your equipment. Typically this is done by manually turning valves. This may also be done electronically, depending on the system you have. Here’s a quick video on turning off your spa. Each spa is different but hopefully this will help a little bit.

Run the pool equipment by itself

For the next 24 hours, you will run the pool equipment normally without running the circulation through the spa.

Check the levels of the pool and spa after 24 hours

If the spa does not lose water, but the pool does, the leak is in the pool. If the spa loses water, then there is one more test to run before determining if it is a leak in your spa.

Run the spa by itself

If the spa stays full while running it in spa mode for 24 hours, then the “leak” in the spa is not a leak but a bad check valve that you or a pool equipment company can easily fix.

If the spa loses water while running in spa mode, then the spa has a leak and you will need a leak detection company to pinpoint the leak.

How do I measure the water loss in my pool or spa?

There are two ways to measure the water loss in your pool that we recommend.

The first is to do a bucket test. This is super simple and accurate. It measures the difference between evaporation and water loss so that you can accurately see how much water you’re losing.

The second method is much easier. All you need is some tape and a ruler. Place the tape at the water level. Wait 24 hours and go back with a ruler and measure how far the water has dropped.

There are rare occasions where this test may not give you the full picture of the leak in your pool and spa. However, in most cases doing this will tell you if your leak is in the pool or spa.

Feel free to call us or email us with any questions. We will be so happy to help!

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