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Swimming Pool and Spa Leak Repair Price

How Much Does It Cost to Repair A Swimming Pool Leak?

Pool repairs can be costly, but the cost of not taking action could be even higher when fixing a leak. On this page, we’ll show you precisely what our pool leak repair cost is because we believe that by offering our pool repair price upfront, you will see that transparency and honesty are the right ways to do business.

skimmer epoxy repair

Pool Epoxy Repair Cost


We use epoxy for all minor cracks. Epoxy is not a permanent fix. It is an excellent solution for small cracks. We do not guarantee that it will hold for any amount of time, and it is something you may have to continue to apply to your leak.

Crack repair injection for a swimming pool

Pool Crack Repair Cost

$125 per foot

We use an injection foam to fill in your pool crack.

Although this is the most permanent solution, due to the nature of the type of soil your pool sits on, we can not warranty any crack repair.

Swimming Pool Skimmer injection

Skimmer Injection Cost

$400 per skimmer

Skimmer injections consist of injecting an expandable foam into the crack and cavities of your leaking skimmer. However, it is typically much longer lasting than epoxy and much cheaper than a skimmer replacement. This has no warranty.

In the dirt swimming pool pipe repair

In Dirt Pipe Break Cost

$700 Per Break*

When a broken pipe is located in the dirt with no concrete over it, we charge $700.

*This price could change if the break is encased in roots, concrete, or other pipes, making the repair much more complex and time-consuming.

Under concrete pool pic pipe break

Under Concrete Pipe Break Cost

$900 Per pipe

If we have to go through concrete, dig through roots, or other obstacles that make this repair more complicated, the repair will cost $900.

We do not guarantee an exact match to your decking. Unique decking will need a concrete specialist. But in most cases, we can get pretty close.

Spa wall jet PVC pipe repair

Spa Wall Pipe Repair Cost

$1,500 Per Break

This repair is tricky. It isn’t easy. Because this is one, if not the most challenging repair we do, we charge $1500.

Typically a spa wall pipe break is encased in concrete, so this repair is complicated and can take some time.

Full swimming pool Skimmer replacement

Skimmer Replacement Cost

$1500 Per Skimmer

A Skimmer Replacement is one of the more labor-intensive repairs. It usually takes two full days. The skimmer is embedded into the concrete around the pool and must be jackhammered out and replaced. This repair typically only takes one day but can take two or more.

Potential Long-Term Savings Through Early Detection and Repair of Leaks.

In addition to the pool leak repair costs, taking measures to prevent and detect leaks early may provide long-term savings. Regularly scheduling a professional inspection of the pool’s structure is essential to identify potential problems before they become expensive to repair projects. Taking proactive maintenance measures such as frequently checking the pool’s surface, equipment, and plumbing can also reduce costs associated with minor issues or signs of a problem before it worsens.