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Cost for Pool Leak Detections and Repairs

Swimming Pool and Spa Leak Detection cost varies from pool company to pool company. Every Pool is a little different. Every need and every budget isn’t the same. So we want to be as transparent as possible. We want to show you the different types of detections and what you can expect to pay for each of them.

Full Leak Detection

How much does a pool leak detection cost? The full pool leak detection cost is $395.

A full swimming pool leak detection consists of pressure testing your underground pipes, dye testing any trouble areas for structural leaks, and checking your equipment. This comes with a 30-day warranty and the guarantee that if your pool has a leak and we can’t find it, we’ll give you your money back, guaranteed.

Single Line Test

A more affordable option is the single-line test. This test doesn’t check the entire pool for leaks, just a portion of the piping. For instance, if you suspect that there is a leak in your skimmer lines, we will just test those. If your skimmers aren’t the issue, we will continue to perform a Full Pool Leak Detection test. You won’t pay more than $395 for the detection that day.

Dye Test

Similar to the Single Line Test, the dye test checks all cracks and potential trouble areas of your pool using our dye syringe. And just like the single line test, if the dye test shows no leaks, we will do a full leak detection on your pool to get the source of your spa or pool leak.

Spa Leak Detection

Sometimes it is obvious that the leak is only in your spa. In this case, the leak detection takes a little less time, so we offer a cheaper version of a full leak detection. In this scenario we only test the piping and structure of the spa and skip the pool.

Full Leak Detection$395
Single Line Test$225
Dye Test$225
Spa Leak Detection$295
Swimming pool and spa leak detection cost

Swimming Pool and Spa Leak Repair Cost

Repairs for pool leaks are tricky and different at each pool. This is a general idea of what we charge to repair the most common pool leaks.


We use epoxy for all minor cracks. Epoxy is not a permanent fix. It is a great solution for small cracks. We do not guarantee that it will hold for any amount of time, and it is something you may have to continue to apply to your leak.

Broken Underground Pipe

If your pipe has broken underground, we have to dig down, cut out the break, and re-plumb the pipe. When a break is easier to access and dig out, this price will be cheaper. If we have to go through concrete, dig through roots, or other obstacles which make this repair more difficult then the repair is going to be on the higher side of this range.

Spa Wall Leak Repair

This repair is tricky. It is very difficult. The reason for the range is that when working on a spa wall, we don’t know the extent of the leak or break until we get into the repair. It is often the most difficult type of repair we do.

Skimmer Replacement

A Skimmer Replacement is one of the more labor-intensive repairs. It takes usually two full days. The skimmer is embedded into the concrete around the pool and must be jackhammered out and replaced. Because of the amount of labor and cost of the skimmer, it is the highest single-priced repair we offer.

Simple Epoxy Fix$35
Large Crack Repair$125 per foot
Skimmer Injection$500
In Dirt Pipe Break*$700
Under Concrete Pipe Break$900
Spa Wall Pipe Repair$1500
Skimmer Replacement$1500
Swimming Pool and Spa Leak Repair Cost

“Very professional. Quickly found and pointed out where the separate air and water leaks were occurring on my pool pump system; within 15 minutes. Completely worth the price of the service call.”

— Sue Price