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Fort Worth Pool Leak Detection

Fort Worth Swimming Pool and Spa Leak Detection and Repair

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Welcome to True Blue Leak Detection, your Fort Worth Pool Leak Detection Company. We specialize in swimming pool leak detection only. That’s why we are so confident that we will find your leak! So confident that if we can’t find it, you don’t pay.

We are a family-owned swimming pool and spa leak detection and repair company.

Fort Worth and the surrounding areas of DFW sit on a type of soil that expands and contracts. Because of this, the pool breaks in many places, from the underground pipes to the pool’s structure.

When that happens, you can spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars on your monthly water bill. That’s why finding a leak detection company you can trust is essential. And if you need a little more help deciding, check out all of our 5-star reviews below.

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We will find your pool leak or you don’t pay

That’s true. We are so confident that we will find your swimming pool leak that we guarantee it! This offer only exists if your pool is leaking. So, to take advantage of this, do a pool bucket test before we arrive to be confident that you have a pool leak. This saves everyone time and money.

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Fort Worth Swimming Pool and Spa Leak Detection Services

Swimming Pool Leak Detection

Our Leak Detection consists of a two-step process of dye testing and pressure testing. The dye test is where we examine the structure of your pool for any leaks with a special dye for pools. These leaks are typically in places like your tile line, spa spillway, jet fittings, pool lights, and cracks. We also pressurize your underground pipes. We use special plugs to isolate the different lines running under your pool, and through either the ear or our high-tech sonar equipment, we can hear where your pipe break is underground. You will leave this detection with a better understanding of what is going on with your pool.

Swimming Pool and Spa Repair

After we diagnose the source of your swimming pool or spa leak, your technician will consult you about the best course of action to take to fix your pool. Our technicians do all of your repairs, no outsourcing. After we have your approval, we will repair your leak. After we repair your leak, we will re-test the repair to ensure everything is back to normal. Thus leaving you with peace of mind knowing that the leak has been fixed.

The benefits of a professional swimming pool leak detection service.

Pool and Spa Leak detection is essential for owners of all kinds of pools, from public and private to indoor and outdoor. Hiring experienced professionals allows you to identify and repair leaks quickly before they can cause any lasting damage or water loss.

Here are the benefits of doing so.

Professional pool leak detection services can provide a variety of benefits. First, we can accurately locate and identify the source of the leak, saving you time and money. We will also accurately assess the pool leak is severity and provide recommendations on how best to repair it. Additionally, we can inspect your pool’s piping system for any other possible leaks before taking action. Finally, we will use non-invasive methods to detect leaks instead of invasive and damaging procedures that could damage your pool or pool equipment.

Accurate Detection – Professionals use the latest tools and techniques to accurately identify, locate, and repair all types of swimming pool leaks quickly and efficiently.

Professionals use the latest state-of-the-art technologies to locate and identify the source of any pool leaks. They can detect even the smallest of leaks with precision and accuracy, ensuring that no potential problems go unidentified or unaddressed. With our expertise, you can ensure your pool will be safe and in working order for years to come!

Reduced Costs – Unrepaired leaks can result in costly damage to property; hiring professionals for your leak can help reduce costs.

By identifying the source of any leaks and quickly repairing them, our services help to prevent even minor leaks from resulting in costly damage to your property. Not only does this save you from unnecessary repair costs, but it also helps preserve the appearance and longevity of your pool so that you can enjoy it for years to come!

Professional Advice – Accompanied by professional advice, you’ll save time and money in the long run by knowing the best way to fix any existing issues or prevent future problems from occurring.

Professional services come with the added benefit of professional advice. You’ll receive advice on the best way to go about repairing any existing damage, as well as ways in which you can prevent future leaks from occurring. This can save you time and money in the long run and enable you to enjoy your pool for years to come worry-free!

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