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Fort Worth Swimming Pool Leak Detection

Fort Worth Swimming Pool and Spa Leak Detection and Repair

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Welcome to True Blue Leak Detection, your Fort Worth Swimming Pool Leak Detection Company. We specialize in swimming pool leak detection only. That’s why we are so confident that we will find your leak! So confident that if we can’t find it, you don’t pay.

We are a family-owned swimming pool and spa leak detection and repair company.

Fort Worth and the surrounding areas of DFW sit on a type of soil that expands and contracts. Because of this, pool break in many places, from the underground pipes, to the structure of the pool itself.

When that happens, you can spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars on your water bill per month. That’s why it’s important to find a leak detection company you can trust. And if you need a little more help deciding, check out all of our 5 star reviews below.

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Fort Worth Swimming Pool and Spa Leak Detection Services

Swimming Pool Leak Detection

Our Leak Detection consists of a two-step process of dye testing and pressure testing. The dye test is where we examine the structure of your pool for any leaks with a special dye for pools. These leaks are typically in places like your tile line, spa spillway, jet fittings, pool lights, and cracks. We also pressurize your underground pipes. We use special plugs to isolate the different lines running under your pool, and through either the ear or our high-tech sonar equipment, we can hear where your pipe break is underground. You will leave this detection with a better understanding of what is going on with your pool.

Swimming Pool and Spa Repair

After we diagnose the source of your swimming pool or spa leak, your technician will consult you about the best course of action to take to fix your pool. Our technicians do all of your repairs, no outsourcing. After we have your approval, we will repair your leak. After we repair your leak, we will re-test the repair to ensure everything is back to normal. Thus leaving you with peace of mind knowing that the leak has been fixed.

Not Sure If You Have a Pool Leak?

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